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“Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth.” -- Tom Barret

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Opposing TTIP

Freedom of Information has always been one of our most important concerns and still is. Whether treaties are being called TAFTA, TTIP, TISA or whatever else, should and need to be negotiated in public and not behind closed doors.

Besides, we fear that a second ACTA treaty could be bootlegged in these.

As of we knew about these treaties, we demanded a full-stop of them, as it opposes every democratic and values we hold high!

Impressions from the day itself:

2014/05/25 19:20 · Jan Guth

Bring Wiki up2date

We are about to update the entire wiki an fill it with content over the past 5 years of our work. This is a process which does not happen from one moment in time to the other a few days later, but we'll get to it.

You can already enjoy our updated entr0py page with all podcasts available and song references.


2014/05/13 12:12 · Jan Guth

Updated Appearance

As you might have noticed, we have updated our online appearance quite a bit. We have introduced a landing page at http(s):// and reorganized the wiki for our users and members.

At the end of the day what counts is the that every user is able to find fast and easy what they are looking for. Hopefully we are able to meet the requirements.

Still, if you have any improvements to propose, please get in touch with us. :)

2014/03/09 13:34 · prometheus
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