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“Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth.” -- Tom Barret

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31c3: A new dawn

After a hell of a congress in 2013, C3L is glad that some of its members made it again, to join the largest hacker event in the year in Hamburg.

A pity, that not all of the members were so lucky, but for the hacky folks left behind, we offer two different spots to meet-up for Congress Everywhere. So, literally:

No nerd is left behind!

If you are interested in the congress, either join it yourself or by stepping by in on of our locations in .lu

Keep yourself up2date with the most informative links and services on our related page.

2014/12/27 00:09 · Jan Guth

Aftermath CNPD Meeting

A lot of time has been put by us in this very first official meeting with the new CNPD administration. An hour and a half is not that much time, to explain 6 years of work to 4 people, but luckily we were offered some more meetings in 2015.

It was one of the most constructive assemblies I've ever had with an official administration; no barriers, friendliness, information exchange on both sides and knowing to be heard.

The moment we stepped out of the building, we all did a big whoop of joy and called it a day. ;)

Keep yourself up2date on this blog to see what we're up to!

2014/12/02 21:39 · Jan Guth

entr0py - History of Hacking

Fellow listeners!

Our latest radio show is out and ready to download for you. This time we have discussed the most biggest hacks published by CCC in Germany. ;)

Stay tuned for the last show of next month the 20th of December.

2014/11/23 10:10 · Jan Guth
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