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“Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth.” -- Tom Barret

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ChaosMeeting 2016/28

Date 18/07/2016
Time 20:00 CEST
Location ChaosStuff



from ChaosMeeting 2016-26

Assignment Member Deadline
write the letter to Assange. virii coming soon
Bällebad nadine ~
modify membership paper - minors member metalgamer 07/2016
printing Donation-gifts fantawams 01/08/2016
make a gift to the Circl Team Members 14/10/2016
write some invitations to our inauguration orimpe 05/10/2016
write to MixVoip orimpe /


Photo screening

Photo Nerds will present their photographs. PCE is invited as well. This will be done _while_ the inauguration.

News from the VDL?

Guy FOETZ sent an official letter to the commune and the mayor in favour of us regarding the Internet connection. So we're still on stand-by.


orimpe will get in touch with MixVoip in order to get a free Voip number.


We'll check this again after the 20th of August.

de dk se Hackerspaces

We'll bring some presents to hackerspaces on our road:

  • 3D printed donation gifts
  • Tor Posters
  • Stickers (C3L, FVDE, Tor & ChaosStuff)
  • Mate Moonshine

Logo competition

Everyone is welcomed to volunteer to design a logo for orimpe's moonshine. Send it to the internal mailinglist. The winner will be given a bottle of it.

[h]ackyard brainstorming

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