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Ethics Commission

The Ethics Commission has the objective to iron out a dispute between members or to judge over ethically questionable actions by one or more member(s).


The commission is composed of:

  • 3 Judges

Judges stay anonymous and need to be impartial regarding the issue. New judges are elected at each session of the commission.

  • 2 Controllers

Controllers are elected at each session of the commission in the same drawing as the judges. They act as voice between the judges and the member base.

Voting system

Voting of Judges & Controllers

  1. A hat is filled with the names of everyone who is not involved in the case.
  2. 5 tickets are drawn. The first 2 will be opened and announced. Those will be the controllers.
  3. The controllers get the remaining 3 tickets. These Tickets will be opened in secret.
  4. The controllers will contact the judges via gpg encrypted email.


  1. Question round: Everyone can ask questions and the defendant has a chance to defend himself
  2. Judge voting
  3. Judges write their decision via email to a mailinglist which anonymises the emails.
  4. The controllers receive this decision and anonunce it to the rest.


If a member is found “guilty” the following sanctions may be applied in these exact cases:

  • Temporary suspention of rights (in case of misconduct on the server)
  • Unlimited suspention of rights
  • Temporary suspention of membership
  • Temporary suspention of membership until extraordinary GA can be called to decide the fate of the member (in case of grave misconduct resulting in direct harm to the C3L or one of its members)
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