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Project Hydroponic
Description Building and maintaining a hydroponic installation for our gardening nerds ;)
Type Drip Recovery
Status Discontinued → Successful results
Funding [100%] of 185€
Contact virii
Participants: virii

What does it grow?

Currently: Fatalii yellow
In the Past: Lemon Drop Chili

Progress and Status

Air Pump

The air pump kept dislocating the connected hose from time to time so I bought another one. Now there are 2 air pumps running at the same time. This should be failsafe. Besides I want to know what the effects of a higher H2O concentration will do to the plant.

2017/11/06 23:05 · virii



  • Carve nearly all of the lid off in order to stuck the Air-Pot in it.
  • Drill a hole into the barrel which should just be big enough to get the hoses trough.
  • Connect the corresponding hoses with the air pump, water pump.
  • Put the perlite in the Air-Pot.
  • Connect the hoses of the micro drip system on Air-Pot.
  • Flood the perlite with water. (This will remove all the dirt which would block up the water pump)
  • Throw the dirt water away.
  • Plant your seedling.
  • Position your UV lamp approx. 20cm over your seedling.
  • Use a plug-in-timer to start your Hydroponic construction. Your Hydroponic should run at least for 12 hours straight.
  • Dehumidifier is a must if you can't open windows in your room.


Optimal PH level for growing chilies lies between 5,2 - 5,6.


Optimal EC level lies between 600-800 µs/cm for seedlings.
After a month you can go up to 1300-1500 µs/cm.


First version

5090044.jpg 5090045.jpg 5090047.jpg

Second version

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