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   * clean up after themselves   * clean up after themselves
   * put things back where they have been taken from   * put things back where they have been taken from
-  * keeping the place as clean as possible+  * keep the place as clean as possible
   * wash up the dishes & clean the sink afterwards   * wash up the dishes & clean the sink afterwards
-  * Leftover food, which can't be eaten anymore, belong the trash can outside! +  * put leftover food, which can't be eaten anymore, in the trashcan outside! 
-  * Don't let your food rotten in the fridge! +  * not letting your food rot in the fridge! 
-  * Before leave, unplug the 2 "cyber" plugs !! +  * push the big red button before leaving!! 
-{{:chaosstuff:bei_der_dier.jpg?200 |}}{{:chaosstuff:beim_frigo.jpg?200|}}+{{:chaosstuff:big_red_button.jpg?200|Big Red Button}} /* Add a picture of the red button (coming soon(tm))*/
 ===== Members Rights & Duties ===== ===== Members Rights & Duties =====
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