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“Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth.” -- Tom Barret

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   - Assurance split between the organisations - [[user:virii]]   - Assurance split between the organisations - [[user:virii]]
 +  - Visibility in Victor Hugo - [[user:virii]]
   - Power enhancement - [[user:orimpe]]   - Power enhancement - [[user:orimpe]]
     - induction cooktop - [[user:orimpe]]     - induction cooktop - [[user:orimpe]]
   - CryptoParty Frisange Review - [[user:metalgamer]]   - CryptoParty Frisange Review - [[user:metalgamer]]
 +  - SnailMail Communication - [[user:prometheus]]
 +  - Den Nol ob de Kapp - [[user:prometheus]]
 ===== Minutes ===== ===== Minutes =====
 ==== Assurance Split ==== ==== Assurance Split ====
 +The Repair Cafe and FVDE are paying their contribution to C3L, who is paying the Assurance Agency.\\
 +- den C3L: 315.59€\\
 +- d'FVDE: 47.83€\\
 +- an den RCL: 315.59€
 +====Visibility in Victor Hugo====
 +The Flyer from our Hackerspace is now in the showcase of Victor Hugo Hall. ;-)
 ==== Power enhancement ==== ==== Power enhancement ====
 +[[user:prometheus]] get in touch with the VDL, for a Status update. 
 ==== CryptoParty Frisange Review ==== ==== CryptoParty Frisange Review ====
 +Some visitors was at the cryptoparty (~15), [[user:metalgamer]] had 1 Talk , and have met nice people.
-==== ToDo ====+==== SnailMail Communication ==== 
 +Because of our "older" Members (who haven't e-mail access), we try to ensure SnailMail as opt-in  communications way. (General Assembly Invention, etc) 
-Please, review all [[:organization:chaosmeetings:todo|ToDo's]] and update them.+====Den Nol ob de Kapp==== 
 +"Den Nol ob de Kapp" is asking for filming the Story about RCSL fuck-up. We overlay our Statements and get in touch with "Den Nol ob de Kapp".
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