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“Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth.” -- Tom Barret

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ChaosMeeting 2016/43

Date 14/11/2016
Time 20:00
Location ChaosStuff
Location Opening ~18:00


from ChaosMeeting 2016-42

Assignment Member Deadline
modify membership paper - minors member metalgamer 07/2016
check funding from the VDL prometheus 10/2016
call Marx to ask about the Internet fantawams 10/2016
call Marx to ask about the keys fantawams 10/2016
check funding from the commune Kiischpelt Freifunk Team 21/11/2016




The lettre to get subsides is on the way.

Members IDs

In order to improve the membership, virii integrated the new C3L-ID, for future events.

Next Spaco Meeting

SpaCo 2016/06
Watch the Space ML.


Official mail
donation address info

rout wäiss gro

Code and Hack
RWG want to recorde the code and hack 3 dec. Code & Hack


metalgamer and deflenken create a new concept to continue our CrytoParty events in 2017 in cooperation with the Rotonde.

Keys & Internet

fantawams going to the VDL, and push this issue.


The order is on the Way.

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