SpaCo 2015/01

Date 11/07/2015
Time 20:00 CEST
Location Hackerspace
  • Every member has the right to ask for storage space in ChaoStuff. Every member needs to fill out a form and submit it to the space commission for review. (Again: every member has the right to get storage, but there is limited space)
    • Criteria:
      • Regular activity / appearance in ChaosStuff
      • Paid membership fee
      • Complying with Space Guidelines
  • Size: standarized grey Euro box
  • Pawn: 25€ (asked on the membership form)
    • If the storage rules are not respected by a member; the Space Commission reserves itself the right to move the stuff to a general 'disposal box' where it will last for maximum a month. After that it will be thrown away.
  • k3lly will call other shops to get printed T-Shirts.
  • The first batch will be ordered at some other place than Natur Welten.
  • The stock will be ordered at Natur Welten.
  • All merchandise will be stocked in ChaosStuff.
  • We'll buy an office locker with an integrated safe if possible.
  • ChaosStuff accepts: Euros, BitCoin & Beki Donations are welcomed
  • We'll accept the Beki only for donations. If we have enough Beki's we'll shop in county Réiden.
  • The internal shopping system works and is accessible at: bitcoin.niet or on the Pi Station.
  • Any new acquisitions needs to be reviewed by the SpaCo.
  • If someone wants to buy something, send a request to
  • In emergencies, stuff can be purchased without a problem.
  • Usually a request is discussed on the next SpaCo Meeting and in emergencies via mail.


  • Sweets (a.k.a. Nom Noms): 0.50€
  • Frozen Pizza (Margherita (always on stock) & some others (changes weekly)): 3.50€
  • Ice Cream (Magnum: Classic (always provided) & some others (changes weekly)): 1.50€


  • Bekerich: Free
  • BioG: 1.50€
  • Bionade: 1.50€
  • Beer: 2€ (Diekircher Premium / Simon Dinkel)
  • Flora Power: 1.50€
  • Club-Mate: 1.50€
  • Club-Mate Cola: 1.50€
  • Club-Mate Pomegranate: 1.50€
  • Juices: 1€
  • Tschunk (if available): 3.50€ (Big glass, between 0,3cl & 0,5)
  • Hard alcohol (Whisky, Vodka & Co.): free to take or against donation (read the labels on the bottles)

metalgamer, k3lly & prometheus –> Trier nadine & virii –> North of Luxembourg + Food

  • The social contract integrates the Hackerspace Guidelines.
  • Social Contract:
    • Drugs are not allowed inside the space or the building or it's territory.
    • Creation of autonomous zones is authorized.
    • If something breaks, inform
    • Do not set the place on fire or under water, RaisedException: if the place is on fire, call the emergency services and than set the place under water
    • Immediately informing emergency services in an emergency.
    • Fair Use in bandwidth consumption.
    • A member of SpaCo will introduce any new member.
    • No excessive noise.
    • Clean up your mess. Fill up the fridge.
    • Consequences:
      • A member not complying with the rules can be warned by another member. If this happens regular it is the members duty to bring the issue forward on a ChaosMeeting or a SpaCo meeting, which will bring it to the ChaosMeeting anyhow.
      • 3 warnings an no complying with the guidelines leads to access denial to the ChaosStuff and removal of access rights.
      • See what has been stated in the statutes.
        • 1. removal of key
        • 2. Banned from ChaosStuff (still member)
        • 3. Expulsion from ChaosStuff
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