SpaCo 2016/02

Date 09/05/2016
Time 20:00 CET
Location ChaosStuff
  • Aktuellen Stand vum Stock (Gedrénks, Iessen, Snaks)
  • Recyclying
  • Ask for a Donation of our Bar. (Hardware Donation)
  • Shop
  • fairtrade zone

fantawams have buy and donate some Hotdog sandwich. Thanks.
metalgamer will buy some Nom Noms.

orimpe write a mail to the VDL, to complain about the Recycling opening times for the A.S.B.L.

We will creat a Hardware Donation page, So everyone can donate some € for diverse projects, and the donor can se whow his money is used.
Btw: You can already support our Yab - Yet another Bar

prometheus create a strategy to relaunch a shop, in that direction of Fairtrade clothes. Print and sell C3L clothes on demand.

prometheus will write a demande, to establish the space as a fairtrade zone.

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