Chaos Computer Club Lëtzebuerg

“Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth.” -- Tom Barret

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Saldo begin 2014: 17,36€
Saldo end 2014: 297,50€
Donations received: 534,50€

Biggest expenses

Radio show payment for a year: 420,00€
Server payments sum up to: 561,65€

Biggest Income income from our booth: 200€


Saldo begin 2013: 356,41€
Saldo end 2013: 17,36€
Donations received: 584,12€

Biggest expenses

Server payment for a year: 430,42€
Stuff for the Freedom Not Fear Demo: 437,30€
Ultimaker: 1697,63€

Biggest Income

Escher Commune payment for workshops: 1706,02€

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