Date: 18th of February 2013

Hour: 8PM

Where: syn2cat Hackerspace

  1. Restaffing
    1. Treasurer
    2. Press Team
  2. Funding
    1. Membership Fees
    2. Financial Year
    3. How? Where to start, where to stop, regarding the ethical POV?
  3. Education Courses
  4. Own /home
  5. Misc

The order of the day can be change until the 17 of February 2013 @ 8PM. Everything else should be treated on the day itself under the point 'Misc'.

  1. New treasurer: virii
    1. Financial Reviser
  2. The press team consists as of today of:
  3. Funding
    • Raising of membership fees:
      • Students: 25€
      • People with a regular income: 50€
      • starving hackers will be admitted on their individual base
    • Financial Year
      • Start of the exercise is the 1st of January, the end will be the 31st of December
      • Last call for membership fee in February (Deadline is the 23rd, if passed the membership will be canceled)
      • For everyone joining after the given deadline, the person needs to pay the remaining months til December
  4. The yearly GA will be held in the first 7 days of March. So there is enough time to agree on a date.
  5. The Commissions will be over thought again and a decision will be made on the annually GA.
  6. The education courses are as good as done, we just need to sign the papers.
  7. The own /home might be
    • a sponsored space
    • a bus
    • or a basement
  8. Misc: /
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