The relationship between C3L and the various press organs is very important to us. As it is the most effective to broadcast our concerns to the public, we answer all press inquiries in the best delays.

Fastest way of contact

Phone: +352-27-40-20-30
Twitter: @c3l_
Mail: (GPG-ID: 0x654C9F1D)

Postal Address

Chaos Computer Club Lëtzebuerg, A.S.B.L.
c/o Concierge Halle Victor Hugo
60 Avenue Victor Hugo
L-1750 Lëtzebuerg
Lëtzebuerg (EU)

The public relations representatives, or press speakers, are being voted by the members on the annual General Assembly. For the current period, the members down below have been voted to represent C3L's interests within the media.

Name E-Mail GPG-ID Twitter Phone
Sam GRÜNEISEN 0x2A2CF11B @virii +352-27-40-20-30
Dennis FINK 0xF55313FB @the_metalgamer +352-27-40-20-30

Press Appearances (PAs) are an important way of broadcasting our views and messages to society. We try to collect and download as much of these PAs as possible, in order to document for one, our commitment to the ethics we stand for, and secondly to keep a record of our history.

All published PAs are available in our archives for review.

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