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entr0py - P(ortable) D(emoliton) F(ormat) and D(oes) O(ften) C(rash) X(times)


  • Jingle
  • Overview of the show
  • Music
  • Security problems with PDF, DOC(X) and other documents formats
  • Music
  • Alternatives to proprietary document formats
  • Applications to edit / work in PDF's
  • Music
  • BugFuck of the month: How Sercomm saved my Easter!
  • Tool of month: BTSync
  • Music




Artist Album Title Length License
Andrey Avkhimovich Wargames Paradox Adept 03:59 CC BY 3.0
Jérémie Zimmermann et la Parisienne Libérée / Rien à cacher 5:22 CC-BY
Jallacy / Angels (Dubstep) 04:24 CC BY 3.0
Immortal Technique Sabacolypse: A Change Gon' Come Fight Until The End 5:24 Copyright Psycho+Logical-Records


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