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“Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth.” -- Tom Barret

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Information for hosts


Feel free to add subjects you'd like to here more in the show about here:

  • USRP Explained
  • SSL: saint or savvy?
  • Bluetooth, the other side
  • RFID or so?
  • #WifiSec
  • RaspberryPi, SheevaPlug, Arduino and what about PlugBot?
  • PlugBot, PwnPlug and others ([1])
  • Social Engineering ([1])
  • Information Credibility
  • Spy Techniques and tools
  • Who can you trust? And how to find it out?
  • Trusted Computing

Preliminary Stage

  1. Choose topic
  2. Reserve the studio (Live or 2)
  3. Gather information about the chosen topic and adapt it (most important information, no dry theory, etc.-
  4. Tune in to music (CC preferred) and choose (get them on a physical storage as somewhere online)
  5. Create the according wiki page (Template)
  6. Get in the studio (don't forget the key –> ask prometheus) and record, don't forget the music


  1. Cut the show if necessary
  2. Normalize the entire stream to -0.0 db
  3. Export as flac file
  4. Upload it on two different locations in the WWW so we're sure the team of ARA can download it (or simply bring it to the station yourself)
  5. NOTE: The link to the file needs to be send to before 5 PM on Friday afternoon.
  6. Don't forget to notice the ARA team on:
  7. Lean back & enjoy!

Tagging & Filenames

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