entr0py Encore - HowTo participate

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First of all, place the microphone stand in front of you. Next, connect the microphone spider to the stand. Now install the Rode Procaster microphone in the spider.

Next connect the Presonus AudioBox with the provided USB cable to your machine.

Now connect the microphone via the provided XLR cable to the Presonus AudioBox.

Next connect the provided headphones with the Presonus AudioBox.

Now speak in a normal voice into the mic and adjust the gain until the clip led lights up. If it lights up, then rollback a little bit, until the led does not light up anymore.

Good audio quality is everything in podcasting, so a good audio setup is needed for it.

Audio Interface

A USB audio interface that works for your OS is enough. It should at least have 1 XLR input and 1 Headphone output. It should also provide 48V phantom power. I recommend this one Presonus AudioBox USB 96, it can be used on all major OS.


A good microphone is the heart of the small audio setup. For podcasting a large diaphragm microphone with an cardioid pattern should be used. I can recommend two different ones:

    • The AT2020 is also available with an USB connection instead of XLR. The link points to the XLR version. The USB/USB+/USBi version is not recommended.

You can find sometimes bundles at Thomann, which include some accessories. They are often a little cheaper, but are guaranteed to work, so you might also search for them to save on money.

Microphone Accessories

A microphone needs accessories. First of all we need a shock mount, so that the microphone is less susceptible for vibrations of your table etc… Buy also the correct shock mount for your microphone.

Secondly you need an microphone stand. Stands come in all different sizes and variants. I would personally go with an table stand or a table mounted arm like the Rode PSA1.

A pop filter or wind shield is not a necessity, but a nice to have. Here are compatible choices:

You need an XLR cable. Buy a good quality one and it shouldn't be too short.


You need headphones. Without headphones, I will not let you participate. Anything is good here. If you want to buy new ones, I can recommend you the following: Audio Technica ATH-M50X

We use Studio Link. Please install the standalone client for your OS. Also test it before the recording date with your audio setup, to make sure everything works. You should also be connected via a wired connection.

On the day of the recording, send your studio link id to metalgamer. He will call you from his client. Don't call the other participants, because this only will result in multiple feedback.

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