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Project Facuum
Description Building a small vacuum cleaner from old computer fans!
Status Planning
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We use the San Ace 40 fans, taken from an old server we've got. They have a proprietary 12 pin connector. After further inspection, we found out, that they are actually 4-3 pin Fans.

Here are the pinouts:

Fan 1 Fan 2 Fan 3
Red: +3V Red/White: +3V Orange: +3V Orange/White: +3V
Black: Ground Black/White: Ground Grey: Ground Grey/White: Ground
Yellow: N/A Yellow/White: N/A Brown: N/A Brown/White: N/A

Sadly, these fans are not reversible, but there is a pin not connected on the PCB, maybe by soldering the +V wire to that pin, we can reverse the fan.

The voltage mentioned in the table, is the minimum voltage needed to start the fan. The maximum voltage is +23V after that, the fan start to lower their speed.

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