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 N/A N/A
 ===== 3D printer stuff crowdfunding===== ===== 3D printer stuff crowdfunding=====
-So we need new PLA coils. \\ +We will perhaps buy the Ultimaker3, if money allows it ;-) .\\ 
-If someone want to donate a coil[[organization:​donation|Donations]] +\\ 
-[[http://​|leaf-green PLA]] +Why the Ultimaker3?​\\ 
-[[|lila PLA]]+\\ 
 +* It has the same precision as his predecessor but with 2 nozzels from the start.\\  
 +* The nozzles are far easier ​to change than on the Ultimaker 2 and the cooling was improved.\\ 
 +* You can heat the nozzle up to 280 degrees, which makes it possible to use even an bigger variety of materials.\\ 
 +* You can finally use the printing over the USB-port not just over SD-card.\\ 
 ====3D printer'​s==== ====3D printer'​s====
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 ==== Samples ==== ==== Samples ====
 ==== KUFA-Workshops 2013 ==== ==== KUFA-Workshops 2013 ====
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 {{:​projects:​mcd:​sample.jpg?​200|}} {{:​projects:​mcd:​sample.jpg?​200|}}
-The C3L was at the Kniwelfest, a little Makerfair event located in Echternach. +The C3L was at the Kniwelfest ​present, a little Makerfair event located in Echternach. 
-The two printers was printing the hole day and many people was fascinated by the devices.+The two printers was printing the hole day and many people was fascinated by the devices...
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