Skynetbot Aka. Self Learning Robot

Name Skynetbot Aka. Self Learning Robot
Description Creating a robot that moves around and can communicate very basacilly, while teaching it itself.
Status Planning
Contact peter
Participants peter
Repository (Will come when first stage programming and/or board developement starts)

The Robot will be able to use OpenAI on a raspberry Pi 4 Model B and an arduino/genuino for motoric and sensor control. It will learn by receiving additional points for moving, and substracting points for touching a wall.

In the second stage the Bot will be able to communicate, learning by using a red LED and a green LED, Green means something positive and red something negative. It will learn by receiving input from a human. If the robot calls for help, because it is stuck it may use the red light to signify something negative and a beep to get the attention of a human, who will reward it by telling it that red was the right choice, and that the call was resonable. if however wrong it will be told what was wrong. It will then need to learn in what relation it failed.

  • Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB RAM
  • 32GB microSD card
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