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“Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth.” -- Tom Barret

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How does FreiFunk work?

For people who are not familiar with FreiFunk, it can be overwhelming or scary if they read the short information version on our website or in our wiki. So here is a detailed explanation.

What is FreiFunk?

What is FreiFunk not?

  1. FreiFunk is not an Internet provider like post, tango and orange.
  2. FreiFunk has also nothing to do with the radio like RTL.
  3. FreiFunk is not a commercial product or service.
  4. FreiFunk is not the darknet.

How does the FreiFunk network work

What is the mission of the project?

What information is published on the map?

Are there rules to follow?

Yes of course, but to be honest, they are very simple.

  1. It is a public network, so don't play NSA.
  2. Be reasonable in what the project can provide and can become.
  3. Don't just use FreiFunk, provide it also or help the project in your preferred way.
  4. Read the PPA and use it as guideline.

Do you have rules to follow?

How can i support FreiFunk Luxembourg?

You can support Freifunk Lëtzebuerg in different ways:

  1. Setup a FreiFunk Node → How to setup my own FreiFunk node
  2. Buy a pre-configured node at cost price → Pre-configured FreiFunk nodes
  3. Do a donation→ Donations
  4. Do a donation by buing a T-shirt
  5. Help us run the project and get in contact with us

The preferred way is to simple help us run the project as we are only a small team.

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