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Description An electrical option to transport heavy stuff….
Status Planning
Contact fantawams,orimpe,deflenken
Participants: everybody

As it is a pain in the ass to transport heavy stuff manually, it is a much smarter solution to transform a hoverboard into something, with which you can transport your stuff.


  • steel: 0.5mm -1mm diameter around 2-3mm for the wheel parts
  • size: 20mm x 20mm pipe
  • place for stuff: 2 Mate crates lenght and 2 Mate crate wide (80cm x 60cmn)
  • places to connect other Jabels or to fix stuff (perhaps in version 2)


  • 4×4 hoverboard motors, each 250W


  • rf controller
  • no power ⇒ stop (perhaps in version2)
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