The following guidelines represent only one part of our working. The other one has been put down in the statutes. Before a person can become a member, (s)he needs to sign the membership formula and thus commit her/himself to all of the guidelines.

The presented guidelines have been worked out by the members and may also be changed by them at any given moment in time. A ChaosMeeting only needs to agree upon the new version then. The authors inspired themselves on the hackerspace Design Patterns and bullet points which we worked out together with other global hackerspaces inCCCamp2015 working group. Besides, the experience of co-managing the first hackerspace in Luxembourg with syn2cat A.S.B.L. has been a most essential and influential parameter for the governing of a hackerspace.

ChaosStuff is being cleaned on a regular basis by the local cleaning staff of the building we reside in. Please take into consideration, that every member is still entitled to:

  • clean up after themselves
  • put things back where they have been taken from
  • keep the place as clean as possible
  • wash up the dishes & clean the sink afterwards
  • put leftover food, which can't be eaten anymore, in the trashcan outside!
  • not letting your food rot in the fridge!
  • push the big red button before leaving!!

Big Red Button


Every member has the right to use the ChaosStuff for his projects. As long as those projects are in line with the clubs goals and the Hacker ethic.

Every member has the right to ask for a storage possibility. We offer a storage box 40x30x22cm with a lid against a small deposit (25€). Personal items and unfinished hardware projects can and should be stored in this storage box. The availability is limited as we can't house storage boxes for every member. Thus a request can be rejected.


  • Respect and follow the hacker ethic.
  • Follow the clubs rules.
  • You break it you fix it!
  • Housekeeping is for everyone.
  • Pay for what you consume.
  • Be excellent to each other.

Visitors are always welcomed! However, becoming a regular guest means thinking about becoming a support/full member. As visitor you have to respect and follow the housekeeping rules and duties listed above!

For other organizations, which are also using our rooms, we have setup the ASBL Guidelines.

The main entrance we are obliged to use to enter and leave, must be closed and locked at all times when no members are left in ChaosStuff.

The same rules apply for the club rooms.

Guidelines when leaving the space:

  1. Turn off all lights (also those in the toilets)
  2. Turn off all non-essential powerstrips
  3. Close all doors (of our rooms, toilets and the big, heavy door in the hallway)
  4. Lock the doors of our rooms and the entrance (also check that the lever of the second entrance door is in the down position)

In case of an emergency (fire, medical incident, water leakage, etc.), the following people must be notified right after the emergency services have been alerted (in order):

Name Telephone E-Mail Twitter
metalgamer +352 27-40-20-30-2 @the_metalgamer
virii +352 27-40-20-30-4 @virii

If none of the people above answers the phone, write an email to

  1. on-call communal service (Tel.: +352 47-96-28-69 / Mobile: 691 980 857 )

There aren't any rules but one: be excellent to each other!

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