Kitchen: Fridges

We have 1 fridge & 1 freeze. The fridge is only for beverages. The freezer contains food.

The set temperature of the fridge may be adjusted by pressing the temperature button. Our default temperature is set to +4°C.

If you need to insert a large amount of warm food, for example after doing grocery shopping, we suggest activating the COOLMATIC function to chill the products more rapidly and to avoid warming the other food which is already in the refrigerator.

  1. Press Mode button repeatedly until COOLMATIC icon (Cart) flashes.
  2. Press OK button to confirm your selection

This function allows you to keep the refrigerator closed and empty during a long holiday period without the formation of a bad smell.

  1. Press the Mode until the Holiday indicator icon (Parasol) appears.
  2. Press the OK to confirm.

An acoustic alarm will sound if the door is left open for a few minutes. The door open alarm conditions are indicated by:

  • a flashing alarm indicator
  • an acoustic buzzer

When normal conditions are restored (door closed), the alarm will stop. The buzzer can also be switched off by pressing any button.

Use this function to set an acoustic alarm at the preferred time for example when a recipe requires to cool down food products for a certain length of time.

  • Press Mode until the corresponding icon (Bottle with Bell) appears.
    • The DrinksChill indicator flashes.
    • The Timer shows the set value (30 minutes) for a few seconds
  • Press the temperature cooler or temperature warmer button to change the timer set value from 1 to 90 minutes.
  • Press OK to confirm
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