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We are running an MQTT broker inside our network. This can be used for projects, for example for sensor data.


The MQTT broker is running on roonadan.lan (


Under the topic sandbox/# you can play around and send messages.

Topics used

The following topics are ACL restricted. Your MQTT client needs to have a valid login and the according permission to read/write on the topics. Ask metalgamer on how to get an account.

Topic Description
availability/# This topic is used for every client to publish availability messages (online/offline). This is the topic also for the last will messages.
space/status This topic contains the current space state. It is a JSON encoded message.
space/member_count On this topic the current member count of the club will be published. This message is JSON encoded.
sensors/people_now_present On this topic the current people present will be published (integer)
sensors/people_now_present/names The names of the people present (if available)
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