cryptoParty - Let's hack towards a better future!

Date 18th March 2015
Time 19h00
Venue Carré Rotondes 1, rue de l’Aciérie L-1112 Luxembourg-Hollerich
Costs 0 €
Description A party that teaches cryptography and secure applications to people.
Flyer (PDF) cryptoparty.poster-18.03.2015.pdf
Short URL (Wiki)
Contact prometheus
Participants prometheus, metalgamer,ch4r3l, deflenken, claude, k3lly, orimpe

Do you want to know more about cryptoParties in general or simply look at some pictures of the past ones? Have a look on our corresponding wiki page!

Table Description Host
Android Hands-On installation and configuration for the world most sold mobile-phone operating system. metalgamer
Journalists Corner The corner in which journalists are thought how to ensure the safety of their sources with the help of technology. Easy. Fast. Effective. prometheus
MacOS & iOS Secure, easy and reliable applications protecting your data on the worlds most popular devices. prometheus
GNU/Linux Be it Ubuntu, ArchLinux, LinuxMint or any other linux-based operating system. We show you how to correctly setup a safe for your data. not announced yet
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