The Chaos Computer Club Lëtzebuerg is organizing its very first village ever! HaxoGreen offers perfect conditions to kick-off a small town on a camp.

Keep yourself updated via this wiki page, our website [h] or at best via our Twitter feed. We have also set-up a page on the official HaxoGreen wiki.

The community of the [h]ackyard is looking forward to meet each and every one of you, who is joining us. Please mail us to if you'd like to become part of our little town or simply support us!

We are located in the shape of a circle directly on the head of the HackCenter. Follow the signs mentioned here on the wiki or ask someone with a C3L shirt.

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RabbitHole Village
  1. Pool
  2. HackHole
  3. Barbecue area (with appropriate tools)
  4. Bar with local drinks & Food
    1. Drinks
      1. Bio Frësch Cola
      2. Fritz Cola
      3. Lëtzebuerg Bio Fiitz
    2. Food
      1. FingerFood
      2. Vegetables
      3. ColdDog (Kaalen Hond)
  5. TownMall - We provide whatever you are in need off and what we can get from local stores. ;) Come along and ask.
    1. Batteries
    2. Toothbrush + toothpaste
    3. Multi Sockets
Subject Description Type Date Time Camp Area Organizer(s) / Speaker(s)
Keysigning Party Signing and verifying your GPG keys. Community Event 02/08/2014 11AM to 1PM ? metalgamer
Gutenberg's Readers Night Presenting your favourite book from the past months or any time. Community Event 02/08/2014 8PM to 10PM [h]ackyard Village Centre prometheus
Tor A community based effort to save the free Internet Lecture 31/07/2014 6PM to 7PM ? virii, prometheus & metalgamer
#DataJournalism A short introduction to journalism withh #BigData Lecture (LightingTalks) ? ? ? prometheus
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