Way too late

It's always the same story. First there needs to happen something and become public, before most politicians will act. At the moment an inconvenient side-effect of politics, which needs to be tackled in the near future.

What's now to be tackled once and for all, is this unfettered global surveillance by intelligence services, among our favorites NSA, GCHQ & BND. All others are meant as well, tough may be not mentioned here.

In plain text?

Intelligence services should be banned to history books; in other words: they need to be disestablished!

In order to clarify matters, the Luxembourgish government should have called an investigation committee into life right after the groundbreaking revelations by Edward Snowden.

Hopefully they will now.

Their is an entire list of things we could come up with to counteract such offenses to the sovereignty of a country and the European Union. One of them to be done right away: summon the ambassador to the United of America to one of our responsible Ministers for this subject.

We will follow the future events in this matter closely and also publish an official press release as soon as more information become available and we have positioned ourselves with our member base.

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