ChaosStuff is flourishing

Thanks to the amazing effort put it by each of every member of this association, the Stuff - as we like to call it in Luxembourgish language - is flourishing and evolving at a very fast pace.

There are no pictures yet, as we have hundreds of them and they still need to be processed before the upload. Still, if you are interested in how it looks in here, go get a preview at our Twitter feed, on which we regularly update the situation in here.

As business as usual, the ChaosStuff is open to everyone. Still, if you'd like to visit at a time where a member of ours even has the time to accommodate you and give you a few explanations, Mondays between 18h15 and 20h00 are the right times to pop in.

After this, you are still very welcomed to stay with us during the ChaosMeeting.

By the way, the coming Saturday (2016/03/05) we'll proceed with this' year General Assembly of the association. So, don't mind popping by to pay us a visit.

We'll open at 2PM.

Hack on!

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