Before contacting us, please read this FAQ.

No. We do not do illegal things.

No. We are not a repair shop.

No, except maybe if it is really vintage hardware i.e. Commodore 64 et al.

Regarding network gear (switches, routers, wireless access points, servers, etc…) the following rules apply:

  • We only take switches that have 1Gb/s or more ports. So old switches with only 100 Mb/s ports, we generally do not want.
  • Routers and Wireless Access points. First check if they can run firmware, then we might take it.
  • All other stuff, we will sell at a local pawn shop, to generate some revenue or give them to members.

No. As already said, we are not a repair shop.


No. We are also not the office of the blockchain. If you want to buy bitcoin, because someone wrote you a email about having infringing videos about you, watching adult videos. Don't send them bitcoin! It is a scam.

No. We do not do illegal things.

No. For us, hacking is a attitude towards life and not necessarily a skill. Besides that, there are enough security professionals, online, providing classes.

Depends. If the child can take responsibility over his/her actions, maybe. Generally, we do not take any responsibility if injuries occur.

No, but we can give you recommendations on how to secure your devices.

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