ChaosMeeting Minutes - 2014/01/21


- Key Signing - Server – The new server in Italy will be available at the end of the week with 5 IP addresses - General Assembly – Date & Time: 01/03/2014 @ 15h0 – Venue: probably Ch4rel's Home – Financial Auditors (Kelly & Dennis) need to check the finances before the first of March 2014 with virii - Double Membership (C3L / FVDE) – Proportional calculations need to be considered vs. fifty-fifty


- FVDE Wiki – We'll use DokuWiki – By tomorrow evening we should get online slowly, but surely - FOSDEM – Lighting Talk about FVDE – After it a bit of a small booth - ONG Papers need to be finished asap - DNS Server (!) to get us a "live" back-up mirror of


- Use BetaCube platform - Get in touch with the folks who have volunteered for the courses and introduce them to Wordpress without the help of the commune - Seek cooperation with - Reka Print might be interested in sponsoring us

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