ChaosMeeting Minutes - 2014/01/27

  • Sponsoring from Reka Print
  • Shop in General
  • Current status of our server
  • we need to finish the landing page
  • We still need to sign the key and the key
  • FVDE
  • Cooperation
  • Litecoin donations
  • Donations on Ennstatus
  • BPM Adresses in Ennstatus
  • GPG Keys of FVDE
  • Server admins - who does which server?
  • Back-Up Treasurer
  • Documents
  • what services are administred by whom
  • rules of not touching anothers config file
  • RepairCafé


1. Location Charel has offered to host the next meetings at his place, until we have a fix place 2. Reka Print Jan father has asked Reka Print ( ) to sponsor us, we will recieve an answer this or next week 3. RepairCafé Invitation will go out. Charel, Sam, Kelly, Nadine, Marc, Dennis & Jan will join. 4. Shop in General Jeff Cigrand (Peter) will manage the shop

The shop will be linked clearly from the landing page

The wiki will be the main site for the shop

Ordering takes place via mail (or a cart, but that's future music)

Hanging on the Reka Print offer

5. Current Server status

trollchen & prometheus –> KVM

trollchen –> VPN (OpenVPN), Honeypot, monitoring (munin)

prometheus –> Mail Server (postfix (SMTPs) + dovecot (IMAPs)), apache2, DokuWiki

the_metalgamer –> prosody, backup script

virii –> Tails, CPAN mirror, Downloadbase, BTsync, NTP, Transmission, fail2ban, Keyserver & Tor

DNS Server –> ???

5.1 Landing Page Will be online if the new http-VM is up and running. 5.2. Rules

No noting is going to be altered on the production server

Exception to this rule, if the upgrade (NO DIST-UPGRADES) or whatever has been tested in the exact other VM.

The sys-op group needs to be informed of any changes.

Everyone is responsible for his services. No one shall alter configs of other users services without noticing them and receiving their GO.

5.2. Back-Up's See 5.2. Mirroring Everyone who is able to mirror the landing page and wiki can do it. Update every once an hour. Roundrobbing or something else? 5.3. The domain will point to the wiki page of and host a jabber instance as well. 6. BigBrother Award We need to give BigBrother awards in 2014. 7. JOIN A press communiqué needs to be prepared regarding the new company JOIN which cuts down net neutrality very badly. –> virii 8. Open Video Letter GO –> prometheus FOSDEM

Lighting Talk Presentation (30C3 slides)


FVDE Cooperation

Siry Laurence (from wants to write a paper about the Tor Project

There might be a small sponsoring possible by them

Charel knows heem and has the contact information

Litecoin Donations


Treasurer's responsability

2. Donations on Ënnstatus (CSV files)

Uploading CSV file every months

3. BPM Adresses in Ënnstatus

the_metalgamer needs a list of all BPM addresses' to implement them in Ënnstatus with a drop-down

BPM 381892

372 Old Street



Vereinigtes Königreich BPM 381892

8345 NW 66 Street 2000 33166-2626 Miami Vereinigte Staaten BPM 381892

Zum Bürgerwehr 28 54516 Wittlich Deutschland BPM 381892 3, Rue des Deux Luxembourg 6791 Athus Belgien BPM 381892 RN 18 Les Maragolles 54720 Lexy Frankreich

4. GPG Keys of FVDE

Must be signed and must be added as identeties

5. Server Administration

All Tor nodes are being managed by virii & kahpa

Celestis: virii, the_metalgamer does apache2 config and Ënnstatus

6. BPM Addresses'

If someone is using BPM please stated your name very clearly on the package details, as virii does not want to look inside of these. #privacyawerness

7. Reimbursement Policy

Every server which is purchased by a person, needs to be reimbursed asap.

8. ONG Status

Not founding a new NPO

First we'll try the FVDE on its original base

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