ChaosMeeting Minutes - 23/04/2014

  1. Review of last meetings ToDo
  2. Hackerspace (HUGE Updates)
  3. ERFA
  4. Certs
  5. Last Summer Dance
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  7. Gulasch Programier Nacht

Review of last meetings ToDo


I just saw your homepage at Looks nice  And thanx for
the reference!

Therefore, I want to invite you to become an “official” part of the

The CCC is a galactic union of life forms (as you probably know), so
we're already in Switzerland and Austria and on some other places in
this galaxe – and would like to be officially in Luxembourg, too 

For that case there is only two rules to follow: we have the concept
that a Chaostreff is not referencing itself as “Chaos Computer Club”
until some people of the Chaostreff took part in a meeting of our ERFAs.
The ERFAs are the official parts of the Chaos Computer Club.

Because you look like an active Chaostreff, the first rule – being an
active Chaostreff for a while – is alredy fulfilled. So the second rule
to be an official part of the Club – and ERFA – would be to visit an
ERFA meeting and ask the other people in the club if it is OK for them
that there is one more. You don't need to change anything in your
organization then.

I'm sure, in your case it's clear that you guys are very welcome.

So: may I kindly ask you to visit us, please?


P.S.: I'm in Luxembourg until tomorrow. I'm just typing this in the Café
Independence  where I'm sitting now. Unfortunately I'm not here any
more on Monday, otherwise I would have visited you.
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