ChaosMeeting Minutes - 08/05/2014

  1. Review of last meetings ToDo
  2. HTTPS link goes to
  3. Fill the wiki
  4. entr0py
  5. What about owncloud?
  6. Revive "Conspiracy Nights"
  7. Mail server…
  8. YubiKeys for server admins?
  9. Regarding this mail "Re: [C3L-Intern] FYI: "IP Profiling Analytics & Mission Impacts" by Canadian Gov."
  10. Haxogreen
  1. Review
    1. Standby as most of the people were not there
  2. HTTPS link goes to
    1. prometheus will fix this as soon as possible
  3. Fill the wiki
    1. I've you have projects but them in the wiki
    2. If only links or ideas but them in the private section
    3. Some radio show pages must be filled with the song titles (39C3, NSA & it's rat tail)
  4. entr0py
    1. This saturday live show, see the respective wiki page
  5. owncloud
    1. We will use it for a public calender, that everybody can read, this should include chaosmeetings and entr0py
    2. internally we will use it to sync our telephones numbers, if the member wants that
    3. For the staff, we will provide contacts to press, venues etc…
    4. prometheus will make for everyone until saturday 10.05.2014
  6. Conspiracy nights
    1. 29 May 2014 (Christi Himmelfahrt) at virii's place
    2. Subject will be announced over mail
  7. Yubikey
    1. Treasurer says, when we have money, we will buy a pack of ten
  8. macchanger
    1. virii wrote a bash script
  9. Haxogreen
    1. Keysigning will be done → the_metalgamer
    2. Cryptoparties → discuss with organizers

Note: prometheus was not present, though consultation about the assigned tasks need to be done next time.

Review of last meetings ToDo

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