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“Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth.” -- Tom Barret

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ChaosMeeting Minutes - 21/06/2014


  1. ToDo
  2. Stand for Snowden Photo
  3. Evaluation: (Keng) Panik am Netz
  5. (E)GA Invitation
  6. Administrative Council & OwnCloud
  7. Hackerspace
  8. entr0py
  9. 2014
  10. OpenProject
  11. Conspiracy Night
  12. Landing Page
  13. Wiki Overhaul
  14. Press Release: Chipped ID cards
  15. Vakanz zu Esch
  16. Summer Dance



Pls use our RequestTracker.

Stand for Snowden Photo

A group photo. Find it here!

Evaluation: (Keng) Panik am Netz!

  • 15 attendees
  • Theoretical part too long
  • Use and improve the used presentation again
  • Summary (2xA4) should result in something like PRISM Break.

(E)GA Invitation

12th of July 2014 @ virii's place

“A vote of confidence regarding a council member” is possible.

Administrative Council & OwnCloud

All administrative documents and stuff will be put in OwnCloud.


We'll stay in contact with VDL. After national holiday more updates should be available. The financial situation of C3L is not that much as of now, how shall we finance the infrastructure?

A list of materials is being compiled to send to the commune, to see what we should buy or get sponsored.



  • TISA
  • HaxoGreen 2014
  • News Show
  • Mr. DataProtection 2014

  • Attendants: virii, metalgamer, prometheus, orimpe (shows by), muling, ch4r3l
  • prometheus, muling, ch4r3l & virii sleep in the hotel


We don't need it.

Conspiracy Night

25th of July 2014 @ virii's place.

Landing Page

We have redesigned the landing page to focus the sight of its visitors to the essential information.

Wiki Overhaul

The old calendar has been vanished. We'll maintain a good old traditional wiki page - manually, with a link to the shared calendar off OwnCloud.

Press Release: Chipped ID cards

A PC about the new chipped ID cards will be send to the press on Tuesday the 24th of June.

Vakanz zu Esch

The workshop of the 14th of July had to be cancelled, as prometheus has to work on that date. If somebody else would like to do it, please get in touch with us at

Last Summer Dance

A meeting with the organizer of the Last Summer Dance will take place on the 24th of July 2014 at 19h30. Place yet to be decided on.

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