ChaosMeeting Minutes - 30/06/2014

  1. ToDo
  2. cryptoParty for Journalists
  3. Club-Mate Reseller
  4. HaxoGreen: Coding with kids
  5. EGA
  6. Repair Café
  7. Hackerspace

Pls use our RequestTracker.

A cryptoParty for journalists in Luxembourg would improve their security awareness. We could ask for donations.

The specialized drinks are too much of a hassle. The common drinks like Club-Mate is apparently sold already in local shops. So, no-go.


Look here.

  • metalgamer, his dead & riff attended.
  • Ökofoire will be occupied by us as well.
  • Keep on going.
  • If VDL is negative, we'd organise a press conference.

We photographed people on Rock-A-Field to stand with Snowden. Look here.

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