ChaosMeeting 2014/22

Date 03/10/2014
Time 20:00 CEST
Location virii's place

We will provide templates under the "templates" namespace. Concrete example will follow after this meeting.

We will define some guidelance, which are "supposé connu" on chaosmeetings (like when we will discuss a topic). Details will be discussed over the mailing list.

metalgamer explained the new naming scheme for cm pages. events pages will be moved…

YAY - virii will do this

We will create a OTF file with definded styles. Details will be discussed over the mailing list.

Press releases (PDF) should be putted in the Downloadbase.

muling, virii and prometheus will do this as the old one is expired.

YAY - metalgamer will do this

prometheus will call the helpline as their site is unusable

prometheus will call again

The next receipt is there. We have no money left. There will be mony again.

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