ChaosMeeting 2014/23

Date 17/10/2014
Time 19h00
Location virii's place

We've done a lot of cleanup in the wiki.


  1. Topics will only be discussed, if the person, who have put it on the agenda, is present at the meeting!
  2. Before the meeting, the participicants will be asked if there are any other point, which are not yet stated in the agenda, needs to be discussed! This doesn't mean that the agenda is fixed after that!
  3. The minutes will be written in a pad during the meeting, so that every participant, physically present and connected over the wire, can put in details!
  4. After the meeting, the minutes will be put in the wiki and a mail needs to be sent to the "C3L-Intern" mailinglist, containing the the link to the minutes!


Next meeting

28 october at ch4rel's place

People who will be present the whole time:

25 October at prometheus place. Start 19:00.

virii proposed to do a night, where we really hack on technical stuff. The date will be announced/discussed over the internal mailinglist.


The EGA will take place on the 3rd November at prometheus place starting at 19:00. See internal mailinglist for more information.

We will do a pad during the

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