ChaosMeeting 2014/28

Date 8/12/2014
Time 21:45 CET
Location XMPP MUC, prometheus place and mumble

Pls use our RequestTracker.

Congress Everywhere

We will do an mobile timing and at two places! One time at kahpa's father's place and one time at prometheus place! See congress-everywhere for more information!


ch4r3l will go there! He will get in touch with prometheus to get more information.


We need to get together to look over it. Mo, Lunar and Jacob didn't send any news regarding the talk, nonetheless we should finish the presentation as soon as possible

entr0py 25 will be a CCC review of the year, that will be done live. The show about the 31C3 will be in January.

WE NEED TO DO A LETTER! Then the commune will discuss that! Bureaucracy as always!

20 November at the Pirates HQ. For those who are interested need to get in touch with the PP.

In the new year! See the corresponding wiki page for more information!

A survival weekend for hackers! See the corresponding wiki page for more information (members only)!

It's accomplished! The problem was, that we put 'Viirstand' in the organ of the organisation instead of 'Comité' (or something in that way)

metalgamer created a channel on hackint. See community_contact for more information.

metalgamer will put it's server on the stay up2date page!

In the new year, we will do a server migration, back to Sweden, because we can!

We don't have enough money to order some in advance. k3lly will ask on the mailinglist who wants one and then they will be ordered!

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