ChaosMeeting 2015/04

Date 28/03/2015
Time 18:00 in CET
Location virii's place

Pls use our RequestTracker.

GA minutes are not complete, due to missing information from the respective people (treasurer, secretary & president etc…)! Will be updated till the next CM.


Je cherche des personnes capables de tester la sécurité d'un compteur d'eau 
communicant qui est installé en NON-DISCLOSED. Connaîtriez-vous des personnes 
intéressées par ce projet ?


prometheus will get in touch with that guy. No one at the meeting had the required skills, so we will see.

We will come together to buy some routers and do an hackathon on buildung a Freifunk network in Luxembourg.

See regarding mails on the mailinglist:


The vote has turned out like the following (among all participants
offline & online):

1. Zéisseng
2. Eech
3. Lampertsbierg
4. Hollerech
5. Bouneweg

If no one wants to object this and have a real life serious vote foo,
I'll get in touch with the persons in charge.

Keeping our fingers crossed.


The PirateParty requested to do a little cryptoparty without any presentation, only workshops.

It will be the 4th April in Wilwerwilts (very north of the country). The time will be announced on the mailinglist.

metalgamer will do an Android workshop!

We will get an official bitcoin address to also receive bitcoin donations. There will also be a wikipage, describing our financial situation.

We will introduce a voucher-system. So we can gather a lot of money in advance and people don't need to carry always money. If the people buy than Mate for example, they just need to score out the respective fields.


We will create a wiki page, which will also be in the sidebar. That wiki page contains a table of talks, which members can offer, so if a organisation would like to "rent" us, they can select the talks they would like to see. (This doesn't mean that people can't ask for other topics which are not listed there). The page should also mention all these things!.

metalgamre will update this soon!

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