ChaosMeeting 2015/08

Date 08/06/2015
Time 20:00 CEST
Location Hackerspace

prometheus is happy! We have a space! We'll get a second room in probably 6 weeks as the other association has not yet cleaned all their stuff out of it. The paperwork needs to be done. The contract is in process to be written by the commune and it needs to signed before October. At the moment, only members can have access to the space at the moment because security and insurance reasons.

The problem at the moment is, that there a two version when we can be here:

Version 1:

Only during the evening from 17:00 to 6:00 in the morning. As at that time there are no working. Because security reason, a hammer can fall down through the false ceiling.

Version 2: No access at all, also because security reasons.

At the moment, we have only one key. prometheus has the key and he can not give it to other member, except those in the administrative council. We can get a second and third key, for the people in the administrative council.

We will get new doors with iButtons. The iButtons need to ordered at the commune. No deadline is set at the moment for the iButtons

prometheus will ask for more keys.

Normally we are insured by the commune. As we don't have a contract for now, don't do shit! You are liable for yourself!

At the moment there is for 6 months the free wifi 'CityLuxFree', as there is the EU presidency in Luxembourg! You probably need to tether, until we get the real network!

We need to have application forms for every member. We need to write a social contract, which will be written by the space commission.

We need to update our location on metalgamer is writing the spaceapi application!


  • cyberdelia
  • hackbunker
  • cyberbunker
  • cypherbunker
  • autonome zone
  • Electronical Orderd Freedom
  • Code Hack Exploit
  • Freeside
  • Chaosbunker
  • ChaosHall
  • Hugospace
  • Victorspace
  • Hackerloft
  • CRC (Chaos Roof Club)
  • Area 201
  • Area 20X
  • Room0b110010(0|1)1

The name will be decided over the mailinglist!

This is a list of beverages we want to get:

  • Club Mate
  • Club Mate Cola
  • Florapower
  • Viva
  • BioG Cola
  • Bionade (Ingwer-Orange, Hollunder)
  • BioG Äppel Jus
  • Beer (One of them)
    • Diekirch Premium
    • Simon Dinkel
    • Wellen Urdaller

These are items we need to get:

  • Short Term:
    • Power Strips
    • Halfsize-Rack (expendable to a full-size rack)
    • Network tools (for repairing broken cables and stuff)
    • PIZZA
    • Dustbin
    • Garbage bags
    • Portable stove
    • Kitchen cloth
    • PiDoor
  • Long Term:
    • UPS
    • Beamer
    • Airtame
    • Coffee Machine
    • Color Neon lights
    • DECT Phone
    • Seidenstrasse
    • Vacuum cleaner
    • TV
    • Sound system
  • As soon as there is network:
    • Switches
    • Router
  • What we have already (but not in the space):
    • Big fridge
    • Gas powered grill
    • Another microwave
    • Round table
    • Sofa
    • Bench

As of the statutes, we need a commission that handle all the space related stuff. The commission decides how many members they will have. The ChaosMeeting decided on 5 people. The people which are in the space commission are:

The space commission needs to elect a person for the building union.

First we will have an simultaneously system of paying with cash and bitcoin. The will be also a voucher system.

The ChaosMeeting will be on Mondays regularly again.

We need to somehow hiss our flag up on the poles outside of the hall!

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