Annual General Assembly - March 2015

Date 7th of March 2015
Hour 12h00 CET
Where prometheus' place
  1. Welcome speech
  2. Activity Report 2014
    1. Foresight for 2015
  3. Financial Report 2014
    1. Auditing Report
  4. Reports of Commissions
    1. Press Commission
  5. Commissions
    1. Fairness Commission
    2. Press Commission Elections
  6. Statute Amendments
  7. Administrative Countil Elections
  8. Financial Auditors Elections
  9. Manifesto
    1. Presentation
    2. Discussion
  10. Miscellaneous
  11. Closing Event

Note: The order of the day can be changed until the 20th of February 2015 at 23h59 PM.

prometheus addressed all members for a welcoming speech, which did also include the activity & press reports, as his visions for the future. (Presentation)

15 poeple, 5 by procuration

Will be discussed on the next chaosmeeting

The following members are officially registered for the Press Commission elections.

Name Role Election Results
prometheus Press Speaker 12/15
virii Press Speaker 13/15

All proposals can be looked up at the following wiki page: statute-amendments

ID Amendment Author Election Results
0x01 Multiple different amendments metalgamer
0x02 Supplementation of objectives prometheus
ID Results
8e87b9f 15/15
a2e65fb 15/15
d6670a2 7 in favor and 8 against
bf7f2b2 12 in favor 3 against
3508941 15/15
0x02 15/15

The following members are officially registered for the Administrative Council elections.

Name Office Election Results
prometheus President 15/15
metalgamer Secretary 15/15
virii Treasurer 15/15

k3lly & nadine

The final meeting to finish up the draft will be the 28th of March 2015 @ virii's place.



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