Freedom Not Fear Meeting

Date 03/10/2014
Time 21:45 CEST
Location virii's place
  • ToDo
  • FNF Demo Feedback
  • OpenSquare Events
  • Further Activites (Website)
  • Chrëscht will write and send a letter to receive donations to the Pirates, déi lénk and KPL.
  • Overall very happy with the demonstration, it's result and police accompaniment.
  • We need activists distributing flyers with information containing "What is the demonstration about?" or "How can a protect my privacy and where do I find these information?"
  • No "Demo-Fecho"! #priceless
  • Can we get support from the greater region?
  • The whistles incited the demonstration mass.
  • The fyler design needs to be improved.
  • Flyers distribution needs to better organized.
  • Posters need to be printed!
  • We need a promotional video!
  • We've made it on the streets!
  • We have forgotten the C3L banner. #fail
  • The pre-organization needs to be improoved.
  • "Fräiheet stierft mat Secherheet." is not adequate, as folks do often not understand the context.
  • All organizers need to know how to handle digital communication applications / devices.
  • Budget
  • Drummers!
  • Big fat Stereo =D
  • A retroactive letter to ask for donations!
  • orga-ml & announce-ml
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