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Description We destill Mate & fruits
Status finished
currently mash Mate Tea
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  1. Place your tea into the clean distillery (or ferment barrel) and add 3,2 liter of boiling water. Now add 1,2kg sugar and stir for 2-3 minutes then leave to cool. \\[Pro]Once the liquid temperature has dropped to 55°C, add Pectolase enzyme and stir well.
  2. After 1-2 hours, top up to 7,2L with cold water, stir well for 2 minutes then wait till the liquid temperature has dropped below 40°C. The pH level should be adjusted to between 4 and 5. Now add the yeast and stir well.
  3. After 3 days fermentation, remove the tea using a straining bag (or equal) ensure you squeeze the straining bag tightly to release all fruit juice.
  4. Separately, dissolve another 1,6kg of sugar into 1,8 liters of hot water. Once dissolved, wait until the temperature drops below 30°C before adding into the fermenter. Top up with cold water to 10 liter level if needed.
  5. Ferment for 7-14 days, until fermentation stops, at as near 20°C liquid temperature as possible.
  6. [Pro] Discard the heavy sediment, add a clearing agent to liquid and leave for 2-3 days. Then siphon liquid again from heavy sediment, the crystal clear liquid can now be distilled.
  7. distill

The fermented mash → remove the tea using a straining bag (or equal) ensure you squeeze the straining bag tightly to release all fruit juice.

The filtered mash, ready to distill.

The distill Poteen2.0 buildup.

Just filtering some booze on a rainy day

some experiments
Batch2.1 From left to the right: Mate Tea with Flora Power Booze, Mate Tea with Flora Power but in wood storage, Mate Tea with Flora Power recognized with Mate Tea.
The booze is now dilute to 42,5%VOL.

  • ~ 30min heating-up time
  • hotplate = level 2
  • ~20ml/min distillateflow
  • ~250cl forerun (waste)
  • required (working) time 4h

Mash Data:

  • 4,5 PH
  • ~12 L Mash
  • 4kg sugar added
  • 200g Tea
  • 4L Flora Power
  • fermentation started 19.08
  • distilled 09.09.2017
  • 2,2L of 83%VOL

Mash Data:

  • 4,5 ~ 5 PH
  • ~19 L Mash
  • 5kg sugar added
  • 200g tea
  • fermentation started 01.10
  • distilled xx
(for example) Bottle Nr2379
1 Raubrant
2 Edelbrant
3 Mate Tea
4 Mate Tea + Flora Power
5 plum
6 Apple
7 tested mixture
8 unique mixture
9 limpid (clear)
A wood barrel stored
B recognized

The finish bottle have 40% VOL.

Here are some details from Poteen 2.0 (my self made distill)

more documentation

Things to improve/test:
  • use a separate bigger ferment barrel - More mash = distill several times with one Result/Quality of mash
  • use Candis sugar
  • cohobate the first batch
  • Take always care with the wooden Barrels, they don't like it to be empty.. (use water with ph 3)

This project is outsourced to a member.
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