Project RaspStation
Description A weather station hooked up to a RaspberryPi and managed with pywws.
Status Stalled
Contact prometheus
Participants: virii

As with all project, you need to have some hard- and software before you can start.

There are different software projects offering solutions managing data from weather stations. We have decided to base the RaspStation on pywws.

pywws is a collection of Python modules to read, store and process data from popular USB wireless weather stations such as Elecsa AstroTouch 6975, Watson W-8681, WH-1080PC, WH1080, WH1081, WH3080 etc. I assume any model that is supplied with the EasyWeather Windows software is compatible, but cannot guarantee this.

The software has been developed to run in a low power, low memory environment such as a router or Raspberry Pi. It can be used to create graphs and web pages showing recent weather readings, typically updated every hour. It can also send “live” data to services such as Weather Underground and post messages to Twitter.

– Source: pywws

<sxh bash> # pacman -S python-pip # pip install pywws –pre </sxh>

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