Brother DCP-9020CDW

Project Brother DCP-9020CDW
Description How to install this printer
Status finished
Contact fantawams
Participants: those who need the printer

The Brother DCP-9020CDW Printer is a full color laser printer for the small office, equipped with a scanner and FAX compatibility. The printer can be configured as network printer or like a normal printer, like any other model. What's even better about this model, is that it runs under windows, mac and Linux.
The technical information can be found on the brother website Bother DCP-9020CDW

Now the big question is: it works with Linux, but how do i install it now?
Here you find answer to that question, at least for an Ubuntu 15.10 or higher distro.

What do you need

* Your Ubuntu PC
* The printer
* Internet

Let's fetz

  • Download the Linux cups from the Brother site from here.
  • After downloading you should have a file like this in your download folder linux-brprinter-installer-*.gz
  • Use the cd command to set yourself into the download folder
  • unzip the tar file
  • Next would be the command sudo bash linux-brprinter-installer-* DCP-9020CDW
  • Accept the license
  • You will be asked about the URI device.
  • If the printer is connected via USB, chose NO
  • If the printer is connected via WLAN/Ethernet, chose YES
  • You will be shown a list with connection types, chose the Auto type or specify an IP address.

That's it, now the DCP-9020CDW should be fully functional with your Ubuntu PC. It should work for other linux distros the same way.

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