Raspberry Pi as a HP network printserver

First, make sure your Pi has more than 2GB of available space. If so you can connect your printer via USB.

sudo apt-get install cups
sudo apt-get install hplip
sudo apt-get install hplip-cups

sudo usermod -a -G lp pi
sudo usermod -a -G lpadmin pi
sudo cupsctl --share-printers --remote-printers --remote-admin 

sudo hp-check --fix

sudo /etc/init.d/cups restart

Fire up your webbrowser and open http://IP-OF-YOUR-RASPBERRYPI:631

If you run Raspbian go with http://raspberrypi.local:631
  • Click Administration
  • Click Add Printer
User: pi
Pass: Your password

Select your printer under "Local Printers". If your HP printer is not detected you should recheck with hp-check! Yes you need all of that stuff!

  • Follow the steps (make sure to take the right driver for your HP printer!)
  • Mark as default printer!

You can now proceed with the usual way to add a new network printer. Test your setup with a testing page. If it's not working you better check /var/log/cups/error_log. Further you can try to print from your pi. If this works then CUPS is not working correctly. Recheck your printer configuration you did in the CUPS webinterface. Retry a couple of times and remember to kill all the failed jobs.

If everything works, have fun!

This setup has been tested with Raspbian, Xubuntu & Ubuntu as OS and with an HP Photosmart C5380 as a printer. I have no idea if this setup works under Windows or OSX
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