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Project Retro-gaming
Description Old-fashioned Games
Status Planning
Contact martianhumorist
Participants: martianhumorist, orimpe, peter

An attempt to make use of obsolete hardware.

The original proposal calls for the installation of surplus/antique Windows-XP boxen in a separate, isolated LAN, which are to be used for various childhood and old-time favourites (RED ALERT 1&2, StarCraft, Empire Earth, &so forth)

Current Hardware


- Stored On-site/Installing: 1 Pentium 4 equipped Desktop w/o display. (martianhumorist)

- Operational: n/a


- Stored On-site/Installing: Commodore64 (orimpe)

- Operational: n/a c64 user guide
S-video to VGA

This project is not meant to promote the everyday use of proprietary software; no acquisition of such software, or of new equipment beyond the trivial should be necessary.

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