The #WarBox is based on the idea of the PirateBox: a small box that contains all hardware needed to perform a certain action, like scanning.

All configurations, scripts and other files are available for study and download on:

The hardware for the #WarBox can be looked up in detail in hardware section. The following is a short overview of what parts would be needed to create a stable, good working machine:

  • RaspberryPi
  • Alfa - AWUS036NEH
  • SanDisk Extreme® SDHC™ UHS-I card
  • Navilock NL-402U USB GPS / Galileo Receiver
  • Storage box

<sxh bash;> ~:$ pacman -S iw wireless_tools wpa_supplicant dhcp hostapd iptables screen </sxh>

<sxh bash;> ~:$ # Login again to make the change effective ~:$ usermod -a -G kismet $YOURUSERNAME </sxh>

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