Every member can get a address. Just ask your friendly NOC

Thunderbird should be able to auto-configure the server settings.

Password: your mail account's password

SMTP specific

SMTP Server: (or
SMTP security: SSL/TLS
SMTP Port: 993

IMAP specific

IMAP Server: (or
IMAP Security: SSL/TLS
IMAP Port: 465


We have some lists. An overview can be found here.

Name Description
Announce Official Announce mailing list of C3L (very, very low traffic)
Chaosstuff Open ML for everything regarding our Hackerspace.
DDS Private ML for the administrative council
Freifunk Luxembourg Open ML for the Freifunk project
Intern Main List for C3L members. Discussion about everyhing. (Only for full-members)
Photo For the photo nerds projects
Space For the spaco
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