Everyone has skills or want to learn something, so put it here!

Name Experienced Advanced Knowledge Basic Knowledge Want to learn
metalgamer Python, Linux, Security Soap making, Microphones, 3D-Printing, CSS, HTML, Microcontroller, Server Management, Sounddesign, Audiorecording, Soldering, OpenSCAD Electronics, DAW EDA Software (KiCAD), Electronics
peter Java, C++, LSL, IT-Support Javascript, C, Python, Electronics, Game Developement Lua, Mechanics
orimpe Linux, wooden & metal improvisation, Photography, Soldering 3D-Printing Electronics, Mechanics C, Microcontroller, EDA Software (KiCAD), Electronics
fantawams Electronics, Cooking, 3D Printing, Soldering EDA Software (KiCAD), PCB creation Linux, C++, Freecad, tinkercad, Mechanics, Photography, Microcontroller, CNC works Linux, C++, Photography, Python
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