Tinkerer working on a lot of network-related stuff: Freifunk and member of NOC.

[+] email: xbr at c3l
[+] XMPP: xbr at c3l
[+] SSH: ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIA9QZ6hlAemYjErqO593D3mnAK8o3xfMNnczy3lsmHXh C3L key for xbr 2021-04-10

- Freifunk Luxembourg

  • took it over from fantawams
  • made a new website
  • trying to make everything fancy and nice
  • goal: making it more popular

- TLS Expiry Tracker

  • TLS is good but many people set it up in non-ideal ways
  • show how frequently it goes bad

- Updated and documented Command & Control

  • official Ubuntu install was outdated, bloated and broken (e.g. Syngergy software KVM)
    • updating it broke the desktop and ssh shutdown
  • tried installing NixOS
    • not enough space
    • broken USB hotplug
  • installed Armbian
    • not great
  • Automated Archlinux install and setup using Ansible

- Maintain the Zigbee network inside of the hackerspace

  • SBC: RPi 4 Model B Rev 1.2
  • Gateway: Dresden-elektronik Phoscon RaspBee (1) (ITS CURSED)
  • took it over from virii
  • Network:
    • 2 LED strips
    • 4 Multi sensors

- NOC member

Todo / WIP

* Fix a bricked CPE210 (Freifunk)

  • stuck in boot (accepts TFTP)
  • doesn't accept any recovery.bin
  • boots on vmlinuz
    • crashes on both wiki vmlinuz and self built openwrt
  • Hacked conference phone (Polycom) as a microphone/speaker combo for the Chill. It would most likely have a good microphone for "room" stuff. If the audio cancellation were to be lacking, Mumble's dev 1.4 RNNoise works well.
  • Internal SIP network
  • Dancing and Singing Animatronics, see @agirisan (natalie)'s 3 robots. (She doesn't do a lot of animatronics, mostly other stuff, documentation and resources are sparse)
  • Minitel terminal for the space: interface to different space services, but terminal-based (example)
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